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ShAre EveryThiNG ILovE
Small girl half Introvert Half Extrovert
Sagitarius Girl - really Moody person

I REALLY ♥ SMAP ♥ i always swing between them but Takuya capt always my ichiban ♥ I love Two Tops n kawai shingochan lil bit more ^^ ♥

Hell Yeah To mY sexy ADAM LEVINE ♥

Travelling I want To see Diff place Diff Country ♥ PhotoGraphy ♥ Foods Eating n eating Delicious foods ♥JapanLovers ♥ Live Music ♥

♥ movies - i love watching movies,TVSeries,Variaty show,RealityShow anime anything interesting♥

Big Fans of ManchesterUnited♥

MY Journal :
I do not own all pic in here ^^ Credit itself

autumn colour in Fuji , think end of Nov will be best time to see autumn leaves change colour……. 

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